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    Volume-2 Issue-6

    Title: Improving Correctness of the Website Design

    Authors: Dr. G. Sreedhar

    Abstract: Due to the unceasing growth of web sites and applications, developers and evaluators have interesting challenges not only from the development but also from the quality assurance point of view. The quality assurance was and is one of the challenging processes in software engineering as well as for the web engineering, as a new discipline. Although there exists many design guidelines, and metrics for the evaluation of web sites and applications, most of them lack a well-defined specification framework and even worse a strategy for consultation and reuse. The main theme of the research paper is to provide optimization techniques to improve the correctness of the website.

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    Title: A Detection Methodology for Base Stations

    Authors: N.S. Murtisarma, S.P. Venumadhava Rao and K.V. Sanjay Kumar

    Abstract: In this paper, a detection methodology for wireless base stations is discussed. The results are made for generalized on multi user mode. The work presented in this paper will be useful for satellite based mobile networks

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    Title: Security Requirement Checklist ? Hypothetical Testing

    Authors: Mohammad UbaidullahBokhari and Mahtab Alam

    Abstract: As the uses of internet technology increases for getting more information and services, the risk of potential liability, cost, and its negative consequences increases as well, because it has been reported that a large numbers of security attacks are performing almost every days. One major security problems is not considering the security requirements of the complete project. Requirement engineering is one of the most significant parts of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and is least attentive as of now. Collecting the security requirement customer is still a difficult job for security requirement engineer, just because most of people have lack of security requirement knowledge. An informal approach for gathering security requirements leads to wastage of resources, customer un-satisfaction, over budgeting, late delivery, security holes and sometime no product. It is therefore said that security requirement engineering is one of the most important factor that influence the impact of success of any software project. Requirements are basically categorized into two parts, functional and non-functional. The non-functional requirements are further divided into safety, usability, reliability, performance, portability and efficiency. Among these usability, performance and security is overlapping at some extent, but not exactly, for example it may be question arises the software should perform at what level of security, safety and usability?

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    Title: An Efficient Use of Knowledge Based Technology Through ICT for Information Retrieval ? A Way to Shed Lights on Physically Challenged Students

    Authors: D. Napoleon, K. Ragul and U. Lakshmi Priya

    Abstract: The pinnacle success of a country starts with the gratification growth in life of individuals. The emerging new trends in technology have given rise to many inventions which plays a vital role in every human?s life. So is the growth of technology. As technologies have grown in an effective and efficient manner their usage in the daily life has rapidly increased. Knowledge and education must be shared among every child equally. There are many challenges faced by students especially the visually challenged and hearing impaired students. This research paper gives an initiative of handling effective information knowledge sharing to visually challenge and hearing impaired students using Conversion Techniques and clustering algorithms. Information from various sources has been collected and converted into Text to Speech and Speech to Text according to the convenience of Physically Challenged students. All the information has been grouped using clustering algorithms in order to effectively retrieve the relevant documents from the database. In which this research work can help physically challenged students to access the required information in their door steps.

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