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    Volume-9 Issue-1

    Title: Massive MIMO: An Approach to Improve Spectral Efficiency of 5G Wireless Network

    Authors: Meenakshi Sharma

    Abstract: From past two decades we have seen stupendous growth of wireless network from 1G to 4G and now we are expecting 5G technology in upcoming years. The success of wireless communication is seen from here that previous circuit switched technology is now completely replaced by packet switched technology. All of this advancement is a result of new unconventional applications like virtual reality, on-demand video access, IOT’s etc. This paper presents emerging technology that will help current 4G cellular network to move towards 5G by improving overall spectral efficiency of the network.

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    Title: Review on Symbiotic Radio as Cognitive Backscattering Communications for Future Wireless Networks

    Authors: Padmam Gopinath Kaimal

    Abstract: Symbiotic Radio (SR), is proposed to utilize benefits of cognitive radio (CR) and ambient backscattering communications (AmBC). The secondary system and primary system in SR form mutual spectrum sharing. The secondary system also shares the power, and infrastructure with the primary system. Joint decoding at secondary receiver makes SR as highly reliable backscattering communications .In this paper, enhancing the backscattering link through active load, the challenges and applications.

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