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    Volume-6 Issue-1

    Title: CPN Modeling and Performance Analysis of CBHS

    Authors: Swati Singhal and Heman Pathak

    Abstract: Security is a major issue associated with MAs and Hosts. MAs themselves may need to be protected from the hosts they visit and vice versa. For mobile multi agents, a new Cryptography Based Hierarchical Security Architecture (CBHSA) has already been proposed in our previous work. CBHSA provides four different kinds of algorithms to secure agents during migration which combines various existing security mechanisms such as encryption and decryption, signed agreement etc. This paper gives the description of Colored Petri Net (CPN) modelling of CBHSA and analyses the performance of CBHSA against some identified parameters. Different graphs have been developed for min, max and average values of different parameters. Simulation results show that CBHSA gives expected result and secure MAs and hosts from attacks.

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    Title: System for Remote Patient Healthcare Monitoring

    Authors: Tarig Mustafa Elhadi Lazim, Abdalla A. Osman and Abdulrahman H. A. Widaa

    Abstract: One field became of focal importance recently; incorporates body sensor networks (BSNs) for monitoring patient's bio-activities. In present situation when patient's monitored-vital signs showed abnormal behaviour health provider must be informed immediately. But, unfortunately, for some reasons the information delivery may be slower than needed when time in this case is very important, and crucial. In addition to that, most of recent BSNs are based on using an expensive networks infrastructures, and it won?t work properly without availability of stable internet connections. In this paper, a system is designed for monitoring patients' body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, as well as issuing an instant warning via SMS/GSM in emergence. The modelled system ran very well and achieved an accurate reading, and an excellent time response with an overall average time for SMS deliver and doctor feedback of 16?2 seconds.

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    Title: Performance Analysis of QAM for L-MRC Receiver over Exponentially Correlated n-u Fading Channels

    Authors: Pampee Das and Rupaban Subadar

    Abstract: In this paper, we have presented a general expression for the bit-error rate (BER) performance of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), considering arbitrary branch Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) receiver, over exponentially correlated n-u fading channels. Analysis of the impact caused by the correlation coefficient p and fading parameters n and u on the performance of the L branch-MRC receiver, have been done for different QAM constellations. Numerical evaluation of the expressions has been done and the results are verified using Monte Carlo simulation.

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    Title: PSA-BR: Path Selection Algorithm based on Bandwidth Reservation to Enhance the Link Stability in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

    Authors: P. Calduwel Newton and R. Nismon Rio

    Abstract: Providing Quality of Service (QoS) in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) is a complicated task since it has mobility and dynamic topology. The existing MANETs routing protocols are designed for sending non-real time/real time applications such as Text, Audio and Video. Though, these protocols did not provide efficient QoS in terms of delay and bandwidth. In order to provide QoS many routing algorithms were proposed in the last decades. In this paper, Path Selection Algorithm based on Bandwidth Reservation (PSA-BR) has been proposed to enhance the link stability during data transmission process. The proposed PSA-BR classifies the type of packets based on application involved in data transmission. The outcome of the proposed algorithm yields assurance that forwarding packets via suitable path saves bandwidth which in turn decreases End-to-End Delay and increase Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR). This helps to improve QoS and also enhance the link stability in MANETs.

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