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    Volume-3 Issue-1

    Title: Effective elements on online marketing strategy in E-tourism industry

    Authors: Leila Moradi, Ibrahim Mohamed, Yazrina Yahya and Meisam Karami

    Abstract: In resent year E-tourism industry is blood of economic. Tourism industry in Iran are a vital part of the courtier?s wealth creation and for economic. The main objective of this paper is to focus on e?marketing strategy's effective elements in E-tourism industry, from theoretical factual and practical perspective. In addition, research focus is on Airlines, tour operator, chain hotels, and Iran. It aims to show various possibilities to enhance the company?s e?marketing strategy and successfully performance e?marketing strategies with recognition effective elements and their important. This study contributes to the knowledge body on E-tourism industry by having a better understanding of e-marketing strategy elements that are crucial for E-tourism industry to assist in the country economy.

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    Title: Medical Image Encryption and Compression for Secure using LSB change and Random Numbers Generation?s Algorithms

    Authors: G. Thippanna and Dr. T. Bhaskara Reddy

    Abstract: Multimedia applications have become very popular. Valuable multimedia content such as digital images, however, is susceptible to unauthorized access while in storage and during transmission over a network. Streaming digital images also require high network bandwidth for transmission. For effective image transmission over the Network/ Internet, therefore, both security and bandwidth issues must be considered.? In this paper entitles ?Medical Image Encryption, decryption using LSB change Algorithm? will make a cipher image. In this paper used LSB changed values, after applying LSB, make 3 random numbers and add simultaneously to LSB changed values, and apply mode of 255 conditions to any values is approximate to 0-255.

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    Title: Wavelet Based Detection and Mitigation of Power Quality Disturbances during Faulty Conditions in Balanced Distribution System

    Authors: Devendra Mittal, Rohit Kumar Jain and Om Prakash Mahela

    Abstract: The Electrical power system is a complex electrical network used to transfer electrical power from remote generating stations to the end users. The transmission and distributions lines run over several kilometers have chances of fault occurrence. The power quality disturbances generated in the system during faulty conditions propagate over long distances along the lines. This paper presents a discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based technique for detection of disturbances during faulty conditions. The double tuned harmonic filter is used for mitigation of power quality disturbances. The proposed DWT based detection technique helps in the online detection of initiation of fault, which can further be used for design of suitable protection scheme to isolate the faulty portion of the power system from the healthy system. The power quality improvement using double tuned harmonic filter helps in reducing the magnitude of disturbances, which further reduces the equipments insulation failure during faulty conditions protecting the costly equipments. The proposed methodology of detection and mitigation of power quality disturbances during faulty conditions is tested on standard IEEE 13 bus distribution test system..

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    Title: State of Art Data Acquisition to Measure Remote Sensing Parameters

    Authors: N.S.Murtisarma, P.Hemasree and S.P.Venu Madhava Rao

    Abstract: This paper outlines the importance of recognizing the advantages and limitations before using remote sensing data. It focuses the need to organize various phases before and after proper processing and at real time and digitize the signal for storage, analysis and presentation on a computer to meet the required conditions

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