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    Volume-2 Issue-1

    Title: A General Overall View of Multi Object Detection and Tracking

    Authors: Bindu N.S and H.S.Sheshadri

    Abstract: The moving object tracking in video pictures has attracted a great deal of interest in computer vision. For object recognition, navigation systems and surveillance systems. Object tracking is an indispensable first-step. We propose a novel algorithm for multi person tracking in video pictures, based on image segmentation. With the image segmentation, we can detect all objects in images no matter whether they are moving or not. Using image segmentation results of successive frames, we exploit blob tracking for tracking of the objects. We have addressed this person tracking in four different techniques. Consequently, the proposed algorithm can be applied to multiple moving and still persons even in the case of a moving camera. We describe the algorithms in detail and perform simulation experiments on object tracking which verify the tracking algorithm?s efficiency. The application of the proposed algorithm is in the field of pedestrian tracking in smart video surveillance system. The output of the proposed algorithm can be applied to advanced driver assistance systems and also in the security applications.

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    Title: New Routing Technique based on Fuzzy and Network dependent for Wireless Mesh Networks

    Authors: Pushpender and Prof. (Dr.) Sohan Garg

    Abstract: Routing in Wireless Mesh Network has put enormous challenges to participating nodes and routers to deliver packet from one corner to other. The difficulty in managing or controlling the link quality and reliability in wireless mesh networks makes it very hard to find and maintain a good and stable path from the source to the destination. Also, the wireless medium is broadcast in nature, transmission on one link may interfere with the transmissions on the neighboring links. This broadcast medium contention brings fundamental constraints on the routing performance, such as throughput, delay, mobility, bandwidth etc. It is very challenging to achieve optimal routing performance in a multi-hop wireless network. In WMN, any node may compromise the routing protocol functionality by disrupting the route discovery process. In this paper, we understand the various routing problems related to signal power, energy, and mobility. In this paper, we have proposed a new routing technique that will remove all the routing problems relating to signal power, mobility and energy in Wireless Mesh Networks. The proposed routing scheme is also applicable for Mobile ad-hoc networks.

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    Title: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

    Authors: Bindu N.S, Jagadeesh. B and Geetha M. N

    Abstract: The remarkable characteristics of lighting system based On Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is to design and implement in real time using micro controller and the Touch Screen. DALI is a standard implemented by Philips and used worldwide for lighting applications. The system consists of a master micro controller that is programmed using the Embedded C language such that it receives commands from the user and transmits the same to the slave micro controller using the ports. The slave micro controller is also programmed using the Embedded C such that it receives the command from the master and it performs particular tasks as assigned to it like intensity control, speed control, switching the devices etc. By this technology we can replace all the switches in buildings and increases the efficiency of the project.

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